What Foods Are Good For Male Enhancement

What Foods Are Good For Male Enhancement

There are different ways to achieve male enlargement successfully. In fact, there are two types of method used; the invasive and the non-invasive procedure.

The invasive procedure includes penile surgery while the non-invasive includes penile exercises, pills and creams, traction devices and male enhancement foods. What foods are good for male enhancement? Here are some that are proven effective

  • Omega 3 Rich Foods
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Potassium Rich Fruits
  • Zinc Rich Foods
  • Chocolates
  • Eggs
  • Garlic

If you’re skeptic and doubtful in most male enlargement pills in the market, you can simply turn your option to food and you will never experience any side effects.

If you are already taking male enhancement supplements daily, then you can still enjoy male enhancement foods and experience an even satisfying effects.

If you are taking male enlargement pills and paired it with daily exercise and proper diet, you will never go wrong with it.

You must determine what foods are good for male enhancement and make sure to observe the right diet everyday.

By doing so, you will experience faster results than normal and you will most likely enjoy your manhood and be able to give pleasure like never before.

How and What Foods are Good for Male Enhancement?

Are you wondering how can the right kind of food affects your sexual activity and performance? Is it possible for some foods to increase your penile size?

To answer your question, here are some in-depth understanding of some of the best foods for male enhancement that are mostly used to increase sexual libido and production of male hormones.

Omega 3 Rich Foods

Foods rich in omega 3 effectively increases male’s penis size because omega 3 promotes blood circulation in the body.

Sufficient blood circulation means good amount of blood flow in the penis resulting to an even stronger and longer penile erection. Aside from good blood flow, omega 3 rich foods such as fish contains sizable amount of L-Arginine.

Sufficient L

Arginine production stimulates good amount of nitric oxide in the body that is responsible in relaxing the blood vessels of the human body including the penis. Therefore, fatty fishes is a good option for omega 3 rich foods.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables can provide tons of positive effect in ones health and for men, it can even help increase the penis size.

You can therefore consider green leafy vegetables to be one of the best foods for male enhancement. One perfect example is the cabbage, it contains phytochemicals that helps fight colon cancer as well as prostate cancer for men.

Cabbage is also beneficial if you want to avoid diseases of the heart. Aside from protecting you from unlikely diseases, vegetables can also increase the flow of blood in your body which increases sexual desire of men.

Most of all, it also promotes fertility in most men. No wonder vegetables are one of the best foods for male enhancement.

Potassium Rich Foods

Banana is rich in potassium thereby positively regulates your blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, this male enhancement food regulates your nerve and pulse rate.

Aside from potassium, banana contains good amount of vitamin B that is important in boosting the sexual desire or libido of men.

So if you are still wondering what foods are good for male enhancement, think no more for the answer is simple and most of the foods are found in the supermarket.

Zinc Rich Foods

Zinc is considered as an antioxidant and for some, foods rich in zinc are mostly considered aphrodisiacs such as the snails and oysters.

Zinc is quite helpful in increasing a man’s sperm count. This also means that zinc is capable of stimulating and increase production of testosterone hormone. By doing so, it boosts sexual urges and increases the size of the penis.


According to studies, chocolates are made with phenylethylamine contents and caffeine.

As we all know, caffeine increases one’s energy level and the phenylethylamine produces happy emotions especially when performing a sexual activity.


One of the best male enhancement foods is egg. This functions as a balancing factor of hormones in the body. It is capable of balancing stress hormones produced.

As a result, this food affects sexual activity in a positive way. This also contains good amount of Vitamin B5 and B6.


GarlicWhat foods are good for male enhancement? Another good answer would be garlic. Who would have thought that garlic contains fair amount of allicin that aides in blood circulation specifically to a man’s sexual organ.

So if you want to increase your penis size without worrying about your health, take these suggested foods and see its promising effects on your manhood.

Are the Effects Long Term?

In terms of the effects, it mainly depends on your lifestyle. If you continuously observe the right diet, healthy and more on the best foods for male enhancement, then you can be sure the effects would be long term.

However, if you plan on skipping this regimen once in a while, there’s no guarantee the effects will be long term.

If you want to increase the size of your manhood through proper diet, you must bear in mind that this goal needs discipline.

You can’t just eat the suggested foods today and expect to see good results the following day. Daily exercise is also recommended, it puts your body into shape and makes it easier for you to perform sexual activity.

Additional Guidelines

If you plan to try some male enhancement foods, make sure to avoid fatty foods. You can also try some lean meat and chicken that are good source of proteins.

As long as your chosen menu are rich in minerals and vitamins and pair it with daily exercises and healthy lifestyle, nothing could go wrong.

What foods are good for male enhancement is no longer a question; eating the suggested foods above will certainly bring you nothing but positive and life changing effects.


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