Best Male Breast Enhancement

Best Male Breast Enhancement

Which is The Best Male Breast Enhancement For You?

Each year, more and more men around the globe are looking for ways to enhance their breasts. In the past, many men who want to become women failed in their attempt to naturally enlarge their breasts as it was just not possible.

Cosmetic surgery seemed to be the perfect way for a man to have female breasts. However, the risk of complications associated with the surgery and the high cost it entails are the factors that usually made men think twice undergo this procedure.

There is nothing to worry though as there are other available options to choose from for biological males who want to have beautiful and voluptuous female breasts other than surgery.

But you need to bear in mind that this will really require a lot of thinking and research. It also entails patience and regularity so that you can achieve the breasts you have been dreaming of. Continue reading to know more about the surgical method of enlarging your breasts as well as the alternative methods that you can opt for instead. It is up for you then to decide as to which the best male breast enhancement for you is.

Male Breast Implant

breast enlargement surgeryBasically, breast enlargement surgery is performed by inserting silicone implants into the male chest area. The procedure may cause discomfort and various complications like loss of sensation and implant infection.

Also, the procedure may require you to spend a hefty amount of cash along the way. However, with this method, you don’t need to wait for months or even years to achieve the results that you wanted. As mentioned earlier, surgery seemed to be the perfect way to have beautiful female breasts.

You can have the beautiful and voluptuous female breasts you want in an instant. So, to most aspirants, this is still the best male breast enhancement option to choose.

Other Options: Natural Best Male Breast Enhancement

If you want steer clear of the high cost and risks that breast enlargement surgery entail, there are other safer and natural ways that are deemed best male breast enhancers. Actually, you will soon discover that most of the available natural breast enhancers for women work for men too. This is because in some way, the breast tissue of men is biologically the same with women. Listed below are some of the options for a man who wants to enlarge his breasts naturally.

herbsHerbs. Phytoestrogenic herbs are the ones you need if you want to grow your breasts but still want to maintain your male libido and be able to keep up with an erection.

Phytoestrogens’can increase the estrogen levels of human and can be found in plants. There are a lot of herbs that possess phytoestrogenic qualities, however most of them cannot give you enough estrogen to achieve the results you wanted.

You also have to remember that some herbs can reduce your testosterone levels while some boost your estrogen levels. With this, you may be able to notice changes in yourself like softer skin, less body hair, and a more feminine mood among others.

Bovine Ovary. Yes, these are ovaries from a cow. When taken orally, it works in the human body by slowly re-stimulating the pituitary gland (body’s hormone regulator) so as to reactivate the natural growth hormones in the body.

Bovine ovary aids aromatization in men. It is a process where the body converts testosterone into estrogen, raising the estrogen levels normally found in women. With continuous intake, in about 6 months, the process of producing hormones in a male body will be changed.

This option is said to be permanent and very effective. It can help you achieve a wider and rounder hip other than enlarged breasts. It can also result to change in moods like that of women.

breast enlargement pumpBreast Enlargement Pumps

These pumps work by applying a gentle suction to the breast tissue. The process is known as tissue expansion and this is done to promote blood flow and tissue growth. Stretching of the skin and tissue can result to growth of new tissues and increase in breast size.

The pump regularly requires you to dedicate your time and effort in doing it. This is an effective way to enlarge your breasts naturally. In the end, even with the number of options available for you to choose from, it is still up to you on what is the best male breast enhancer that would work for you.

If you go for surgery, you need to be aware about the risks and costs it may bring. If you go for natural methods, bear in mind that they cannot guarantee to transform your male body to female body overnight. It would really entail patience, time, and effort. Any of these methods promise to give you good results. Thanks to the advancement of science and medicine, men seeking to have beautiful large breasts have more options to consider.


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