Kama Deva’s Secret Love Potion in Extenze Male Enhancement Liquid

Kama Deva’s Secret Love Potion in Extenze Male Enhancement Liquid

Kama Deva or the many variations of his name such as Mara, Manmathudu, Telugu, Atanu, Ragavrinta etc. is the Hindu god of love and desire and much like his Greek and Roman counterparts, he too is rooted in the erotic kind of love.

It is said that these ancient gods had the power to bring two people together and make them fall in love; Cupid and Kama Deva in particular would shoot arrows laced with their home-brewed love potion on the man and woman they choose and they would instantly become loving couples! Suffice it to say that we here at ExtenZe have brewed a similar potent potion that can be found in the extenze male enhancement liquid. Well, kind of…as this one has a more “direct approach” to it.

Extenze Male Enhancement Liquid Helps You Jump The Gun

I’m pretty sure that you’ve done your part during courtship, being the nice guy that every woman loves to have around and giving your 100% support to your girl when the ocassion calls for it, but I think it’s unfair that you’d still need to struggle in your sex life. So why not cut to the chase and use extenze male enhancement liquid and get right to it with minor foreplay each time you make love.

It is such a pain in the neck when you have to wait for that darn erection to come on when you see your woman lying there helpless and craving for more penetration in order to achieve that ultimate sexual gratification. Well, now you don’t have to wait longer between intercourse as this potion will guarantee you a bigger, harder and longer erection.

having a great erectionYou’ll feel as though you were Kama Deva himself having a great erection and sexual sparks of stamina that will light up the bedroom like New Year’s Eve.

The research and development team at ExtenZe, the maker of extenze male enhancement liquid and it’s many other brands, have circled the world over to find the precise ingredients to make this male enhancement supplement a possibility.

Twenty three individual herbs and Earth minerals were tested and then extracted for their essences, two of these ingredients were mentioned in the Rig Veda and Atharva Veda where Kama Deva’s story was also told – Muira Puama Extract (stem) and Horny Goat Weed (leaf). Even if the Hindu god Kama Deva didn’t exist and he is merely a cliché for the erotic passions of man, his potions on the other hand are unequivocally real!

Effects vs. Efficacy

Some male enhancing dietary supplements claim that they’re quite effective in increasing the the penis size of men; however, this is a near-impossible feat to achieve. Today only sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil have been approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction. These aren’t natural food supplements, however.
ExtenzeL-arginine, DHEA, yohimbie, ginkgo, and panax ginseng or dehydroepiandrosterone are sometimes used as alternative treatments to treat erectile dysfunction. While most of these are generally safe to use, others might cause significant health risks.

For example, DHEA is a good ingredient that helps lower testosterone levels in men, but it can also decrease high-density lipoprotein or “good” cholesterol levels and cause acne. Not to worry though as extenze male enhancement liquid does not have DHEA or any other harmful elements in it.


Basically extenze male enhancement liquid is not only meant for treating erectile dysfunction as it is an enhancer for those who are not so satisfied with their erections or performance in bed. So make all your sexual encounters count and use this amazing potion of the gods and excel in bed like you’ve never excelled before!


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