Achieve Penis Enlargement Using an Extender – ProExtender System

Achieve Penis Enlargement Using an Extender – ProExtender System

A large number of men out there aren’t satisfied with the size of their penises. Some men also have a crooked penis, which also makes them feel insecure about themselves.

In the past, surgery was the only option available; however, guys should know that it’s now possible to resolve these problems in a less invasive way. This solution is a device called ProExtender. Men can purchase the device alone or they may opt for the entire enlargement system.

Penis Enlargement Using An Extender – ProExtender System

proextendersystemThis device is able to add a few inches to a man’s member by delivering mild traction. To use it, you have to fasten the apparatus around the neck and base of your penis. After that, adjust the device and apply a longitudinal force in the shaft. You are supposed to increase the traction force gradually.

This action will force the penile tissues to increase the production of new cells. Because of the creation of new cells, the size of the penis increases permanently.

The man behind this innovative penis enlargement device is Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. He conducted a research study on increasing the size of the penis, and was able to come up with a prototype in 1994. In order to determine if it can really produce excellent results, they conducted further studies on penis extenders.

Based on the data gathered, they were able to prove that this device can effectively enhance not only the length, but also the girth of the penis. In fact, doctors are using this as an alternative for penile surgeries. Aside from the fact that this is less invasive than surgery, it’s also a much more affordable option.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

Clinical studies have proven that penis enlargement using an Extender – ProExtender System; is enough to get satisfactory results; however, men should know that they could get an even better result if they opt for the ProExtender System. With the use of some supplemental products, users can amplify the effects of the male extender.

Male Enhancement PillsThis means that the users will see the results at a faster rate. One of the additional products that are included in the system is the male enhancement pills.

These pills contain herbs that could increase the size of the penis. Aside from that, the extract in the pills can improve the strength and stamina of your erections.

The other component of the system is the Volume Increaser. The purpose of this pill is to increase the amount of semen that the user can ejaculate. This will also cause the penile tissues to contract more during orgasm. As a result, it feels more intense and pleasurable than before.

The system comes with a book on CD containing information, illustrations and easy to follow penile exercises. These exercises can also improve the size of the penis. Aside from that, it can also improve a man’s overall reproductive health.

Other Uses For The Proextender System

Aside from increasing the size of the penis, the penis extender is also effective in treating Peyronie’s disease. This is a condition wherein the penis has a curved shape to it. The device will work like a brace that corrects the shape by realigning the tissues to make the penis straighter. This means that men with crooked penises can use this to improve the shape of a crooked penis, avoiding embarrassment.

Discreet Shipments

order online.Although there are many men who really want to get this device, most of them prefer to keep their purchases private. There is no need to worry, because you can place your Proextender system order online.

The device is contained in a sturdy box to protect it from damage during shipment, and then placed in another generic parcel box before the manufacturer sends it out for shipping. Because of this, buyers can guarantee that the manufacturer is handling their orders carefully and with utmost discretion.

Fake Alert

Men who already used the ProExtender said that aside from improving the size of their penis, they also enjoyed a more pleasurable sex life. However, you should be careful when purchasing the device, because fakes are circulating online. Keep in mind that fake devices will never be able to duplicate the effects of the authentic extender. People should only purchase one from their official website or through a licensed affiliate.

Penis enlargement using an Extender – Proextender System is undoubtedly an innovative solution to the ever-persisting penis size issues. Aside from the fact that it is effective, it is also safe for daily use. If used correctly, this device can make you feel more confident about your manhood. This will increase your sexual satisfaction, as well as your partner’s pleasure. Don’t hesitate to use the discount offer. There is no doubt that this device is a worthy investment.


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