Can Male Enhancements Work?

Can Male Enhancements Work?

Does your penis size affect you? Have you come to a point when you want to perform a drastic penis enlargement surgery to effectively pleasure women? There are a lot of ways to improve your penis size however, the question remains if can male enhancements work effectively?

There might be a lot of methods but some doesn’t really have scientific basis. Each man has different reasons why they want to undergo a penis enlargement. Some wants to satisfy their selves and boost their confidence while others prefer to provide satisfying intercourse with their partners. Whatever the reason is, all men who wish to do a male enhancement procedure ask the same question; will the chosen method work?

Male Enhancing Pills And Creams

The use of pills and creams may not have a profound scientific basis of its effectiveness. However most customers who have used some male enlargement products claimed it does work. Still, skeptics prefer to see scientific proof before embracing this method. Can male enhancements work such as pills with natural ingredients? Probably yes, because there are herbal ingredients that are proven to have an aphrodisiac effects.

One potent example of a herbal ingredient is the Ginkgo Biloba which is said to increase the production of testosterone of men. It also stimulates and enhances blood flow including the flow of blood within the penis. Because of this, Ginkgo Biloba is used to bring back the lost appetite of men for sex. Therefore, one can say that this type of penis enlargement product may indeed work.

Can Male Enhancements Work Such As Penile Extender?

penis sizeBelieve it or not, there are really men who are so conscious about their penis size that they’re willing to undergo surgery or use penile extenders to boost an inch size of their male sex organ.

This method makes use of a traction device to carefully stretch the penis. This is proven to be effective based from true testimonials of some men who have undergone such procedure. It is said that doing this method of penis enlargement possibly increases the length of their penis up to 1 to 2 centimetres.

You may be happy of the result when using a penile extender however you must note that this method comes with a price to pay. Most penile extender devices are not comfortable to use, in fact this can lead to injuries that could be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Other mild effects are bruises on the penis while there are those unfortunate men who suffer from nerve damage or even vein thrombosis.

Male Enhancement Exercises

Natural ways to enlarge your penis is said to be very effective. There are many natural exercises men can perform to make their penis in the right shape when making love. Can male enhancements work through proper penis exercise? The answer is 100% yes! Some of the most common and effective exercises one can perform are:

  • The stretching of penis
  • The proper jelqing exercises
  • The frequent warming up of penis
  • The PC exercise
  • The ballooning exercise

We are already aware that a penis is made up of muscles, tissues, ligaments that can easily be enlarge with proper exercise. You can even do these exercises everyday at the comfort of your home. You don’t have to spend or purchase anything, except lubricating gel but you can also improvise. Therefore, male enlargement is quite possible through penis enhancement exercises.

Other Questionable Methods

Questionable MethodsWe have heard a lot about the use of lotions and surgical intervention to help improve penis size but are these truly effective? Let’s tackle these one by one.

The use of lotion may have been used by other desperate men but there’s certainly no evidence that such product does work. Other has even claimed that male enlargement lotions have negative side effects.

Some lotions have caused damages to skins, burning sensation and temporary lost of sex drive. If you’re not sure about such product or if you have not seen any positive feedback about it, it’s better to play it safe and avoid using such product. It is highly recommended to check and ask for your doctor’s advice before using anything that could harm your penis.

How About Penile Surgery?

The procedure in which men undergo male enhancement surgery is called phalloplasty. In this type of surgery, men can choose among the following options; lengthening of the penis, widening of the penis with the use of grafts. Others prefer to undergo glanular enhancement while some would only want correction of their curvature penis.

For those who are quite obsessed with their penis size, they prefer total reconstruction of their penis or in its extreme case penile implants. This may cost a lot but based from men who went under the knife claimed this method is effective and very satisfying. Can male enhancements work is therefore no longer an unanswered question. Yes, there are really methods that are effective although there are few that are not and pose a danger to one’s health.

Penis Enlargement SurgeryDon’t you know that surgical intervention has been performed way back in 1971? Yes, this male enlargement surgery has been done due to several underlying factors.

Some went through this kind of surgery because of congenital defects or abnormalities. One good example of a penis abnormality is the so called “micropenis“.

Others are going through penile surgery due to cancer and some it’s because of an accident or trauma. Penile surgery started back in 1971, however only in the year 1980 that the cosmetic penis enlargement procedure has been practiced in the United States of America. Overall, penis enlargement is not new to mankind and by this thought alone you can conclude that some methods indeed work effectively.

So if you are still wondering can male enhancements work? The answer would be yes for those that are proven to work and received a lot of testimonies from different users around the globe. Still, you will never know how effective it is unless you’ve tried it. So if you want the truth about these male enhancement products, try it and see how it goes.


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