What Male Enhancement Makes You

What Male Enhancement Makes You

Is it true that women in this generation prefer bigger penis? Or this opinion is now out of the box because some men admit that they too, are bothered by their manhood size?

Does penile size really drives women crazy? Opinions vary, sad to say but surprisingly the most popular reason cited may be the size and strength of a man’s erection.

According to Dr. Oz, “The male penis is a heck of a lot bigger than it’s supposed to be. … When we compare humans to other animals, proportionally our penis is huge,” Dr. Oz says. “So why would the male penis be bigger than it needs to be?

Only one possible reason—because women want it that way. That’s the only possible reason, because they select mates based on that.” Unfortunately, the study showed this is true. Now men, what male enhancement makes you bigger?  There are actually a lot of options.

You Can Make Your Penis Bigger By Operation

What male enhancement makes you bigger? Yes, definitely surgery can. Phalloplasty can enhance the length and width of your penis. There are three common types of surgery and they could be expensive:

  • Penis girth enhancement : $4,750
  • Penile lengthening : $4,750
  • Discounted combine package : $8,250


This cosmetic penile surgery, normally accompanied by a penis stretching device costs 4,000$ to 8,000$, if there are no complications involved.

And mostly penile augmentation are usually done as “out-patient” as it takes only two hours to complete.

Speaking of complications, the result of this method is said to be unreliable. In most cases these are the following appalling dangerous effects:


If you are brave enough to take the risk, there is nothing wrong on being hopeful. Just make sure that risking your health and spending money on it, is worth it. Now men, what male enhancement makes you bigger? One is Phalloplasty.

What Male Enhancement Makes You Bigger? Pills Have Its Own Magic!

In the online market industry, supplements are everywhere. Admit it, when you open a website those annoying pop-ups are truly persistent! Well, business is business as they always say, nothing is personal. Entrepreneurs will wholeheartedly grab any opportunity that has potential to elevate their bank accounts. And remedies that are very in demand in the society won’t get a chance to escape. Especially remedies on bedroom problems.

male enhancement supplementsThere are several types of male enhancement supplements. It can be very confusing since most supplements have the same ingredients.

However each respective bottle has its own purpose to serve. But, what male enhancement makes you bigger?  You can try supplements like Extenze.

These supplements do not only enhance the size, length, width and thickness of a penis. It also improves libido, sex drive, pleasure, orgasms, and stamina.

The ingredients of these supplements are mostly natural extracts of herbs, spices and fruits. Adverse side effects are containable if monitored properly. What male enhancement makes you bigger?  These supplements can also enhance the size of your penis. However, the effect is not permanent and you also need to spend cash for it.


What male enhancement makes you bigger?   What is the most common natural way to enhance your “equipment”? Exercise! Forget the pills and pains of surgery. You can possibly make your penis bigger without the pills that you tend to forget or the pains of the surgery. Of course, it will take weeks to see the effect but according to some comments, recommendations, opinions, and reactions. Exercise works!

  • Jelqing – for improvement of length and width.
  • Stretching – for length alone.
  • Squeezing – for width alone.
  • Kegel –  for sexual improvement.

penis pump

Tools are sometimes also used while doing the exercise. There are pumps, clips, weights, and traction tools. These exercises are said to be effective solid penile workouts.

These are the easiest form of natural penis enlargement. Factors should also be considered before performing these exercises. How often you perform the exercise will determine the rate of success.

What Male Enhancement Makes You Bigger?

Men are crazy over their penis now a day even if they don’t realize it. Some men live in constant fear that their manhood is not big enough.

What they don’t know is that a recent study concluded that the average penis size is 5.5 inches. Does this fact leveled up a notch of your confidence? Not likely, men have to deal with the demands of our society, most particularly women.

What male enhancement makes you bigger? It is really up to you. Choose whatever you are comfortable with. If you want the fastest way, there’s surgery. If you can’t take the risk of penile augmentation but is able to outlay cash, there are supplements. And if you have enough patience, you can religiously perform the exercises.


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