How Much Does Penis Enlargement Cost?

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Cost?

Penis size is a matter of contention for men, and for women, too. It is undeniably the ultimate reason why men often experience so called “sexual anxiety.” While a large number of experts say that the size of the penis has nothing to do with a pleasurable sex life, surveys prove this to be invalid.

A survey organized by Canadian researchers revealed that most women are concerned with the size of a man’s penis, more importantly the girth. This explains why men get anxious and embark upon penis enlargement methods. For this reason, many men wonder, how much does penis enlargement cost?

The increasing dilemma of men regarding the size of their penis came into the attention of the business industry. Because of this, business sectors grabbed the opportunity, thinking that penis enlargement could be a great business. Promising advertisements have been released in the Internet and televisions. These penis enlargement methods may either yield temporary or permanent results, both of which entail expenses.

Temporary Penis Enlargement Methods

Concerns about penis enlargement have become more and more popular among men. Thus, the pharmaceutical and business industry came up with different techniques to increase the size of a man’s penis. But, how much does penis enlargement cost?

The cost that one may incur varies depending upon the chosen method. Some of the penis enlargement methods that yield temporary results include:

  • penis pumpPenis Enlargement Pumps. This method claims to increase the size of the penis through the mechanism known as vacuum suction. Vacuum suction increases blood flowing to the penile tissues and the penile shaft.
  • According to most surveys and research, the use of pumps is relatively inexpensive. This may cost an individual a one-time fee ranging from $100 to $500. This may sound reasonable, but incorrect use of this device may result in damage of the blood vessels, loss of feeling, or even impotence.
  • Male Enhancement PillsPenis Enlargement Medications and Pills. There are numerous pills and medications sold in the market that claim to increase the size of the penis. Some have natural herbs, while others are a combination of herbs and chemicals.
  • Depending upon the brand, a man would usually shell out approximately $40 to $80 monthly. A precaution that men must take is that most penis enlargement pills are not approved by the FDA. Thus, there is no guarantee of the ingredients used, as well as the potency of these medications.

Permanent Penis Enlargement Methods

There are also numerous ways on how a man can have a bigger penis permanently. These methods can either be cheaper or more expensive than temporary counterparts. Here are some of the permanent penis enlargement methods and the approximate expenses that they would cost:

  • Penis Enlargement Hangers and Weights. These methods make use of the traction of the weights and the pull of gravity to increase the length of the penis. When the penis is pulled downward, it allows new cells to grow. This then results in an increased in the size of the penis. The price of penis enlargement hangers and weights fall between $40 and $100.
  • Penis Enlargement ExtendersPenis Enlargement Extenders. This method is one of the most popular non-surgical penis enlargement methods. A penis enlargement extender makes use of a device that uses traction to slowly increase the length of the penis.
  • The stretching of the penis allows new tissue to grow, making the penis longer. An extender may range from cheap ones to extremely expensive ones depending upon the manufacturer. However, it has been reported that the expensive ones yield better results.
  • Surgery. This method involves various types of techniques that offer permanent enlargement of the penis. One of the techniques used is known as the dermal implant. Fat cells from other body parts are transplanted to the penis, which increases the size and girth of the penis. On the other hand, the other procedure involves cutting of the suspensory ligaments in the penis resulting in a longer penis. The cost for surgery may range from $ 4,000 to $ 17,000 depending upon the extent of the surgery.
  • jelqingPenis Enlargement Exercises. Similar to weight training programs, penis enlargement exercises also stimulate growth. This can be done through contracting to strengthen the muscles using Kegels), forcing nutrient-rich blood into the penis using jelqing, or applying traction via stretches.
  • With these methods, men just purchase an instructional book or guide to help him go through the series of exercises. Though exercise methods may be the cheapest form of penis enlargement, most men would not prefer this because this entails time and effort.
  • Weight Loss Programs. Most doctors have noticed that a great number of men who have sexual anxiety are obese or overweight. These overweight men have normal penises, but look tinier because it is submerged in fat.
  • Thus, slimming down can make the penis look longer and decrease a man’s anxiety. Engaging in weight loss programs may cost between $50 and $500 a month, depending on the program. Men may not consider this, because, like exercise, it entails time, effort and much dedication.

Indeed, a man’s penis is an extremely fragile and susceptible organ. Therefore, before an individual chooses among the enlargement methods, he must research them carefully. He should take the possible consequences into consideration. In addition, he should talk to his doctor and ask, “How much does penis enlargement cost?”


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