Mobile Mistakes: 10 Little Texting Blunders to Chase Her Away Big Time

Mobile Mistakes: 10 Little Texting Blunders to Chase Her Away Big Time

In 1984 the idea of texting was born. German engineer Friedhelm Hillebrand was sitting in front of his typewriter at home typing random sentences and questions with less than 160 characters. This paved way to texting. In 1992, Papworth sent the first short message service or SMS greeting, which says “Merry Christmas.”

typewriterSince then, SMS or texting has become an important tool for communication, so powerful, in fact, that it can affect many areas of your life, including your dating life. In fact, the role of SMS is infinite. You can talk to your boss, say a quick hello to your mom, ask your guy buds what time they are meeting at the bar, and remind your colleagues about the big presentation tomorrow.

When it comes to women and dating, certain texting rules apply. You may get her number and she responds to your text messages, which are good signs. Still, that doesn’t mean you are walking down the aisle anytime soon.

Get your pen and paper ready. Here are 10 rules men need to remember to make sure that they are good for first, second and even third – or more dates.

1. To Wait or Not to Wait: When to Ask Her on a Date

There is nothing wrong with taking your time to build a stronger connection between you and your girl. On the other hand, rushing things and imposing what you want send a wrong signal to the girl, too. In case you are wondering why you can’t land a date, then it could be because of poor timing.

TextingTexting is a good way to establish a firm connection between you and your dream girl; however, don’t take too long before you ask her out. Three days is fine, but if you have been exchanging messages for the past two weeks without asking, you are most likely not getting a positive response when you decide to gather your courage.

Women make up their minds quickly. At the same time, it makes you look like you are scared of rejection. Ask her out nicely. If she says yes, then that’s good. Otherwise, don’t force her to go out on a date with you.

2. Take the Lead by Suggesting, Not Asking, to Go on a Date

Fact: women want men to take the lead and be in charge. If she gave you her number and starts responding to your messages, then assume that she finds you appealing, too. Be the man and seize every opportunity to make her say yes and go out with you.

However, you have to be careful on this one. Asking her if she wants to go out on a date is wrong in so many levels. It makes you look inexperienced and sends her a signal that you expect her to say no.

Therefore, suggest, don’t ask. Use the following lines to make her show that you are confident but sincere with your intentions:

– We should visit that new coffee shop on Friday.

– Let’s grab a few drinks. How’s Friday night looking for you?

– I saw some great reviews about that new Italian restaurant near your office. Let’s check it out tomorrow.

When you text, make sure to stay away from too much smiley faces, exclamation marks and grand statements. Just keep it short and simple.

3. Don’t Force Her to Suggest What to Do on Your First Date

DateShe finally agreed to go out with you on a Friday night. Make sure to figure everything out before Friday comes, such as where to go, what to eat and what to do. It won’t hurt if you ask if she has any preferences, but don’t bombard her with questions.

In other words, don’t give her too many options that make it seem as if she should decide. It makes it look that you are unsure of what you want and you have to force her to figure out what to do when Friday comes. Don’t say things like, “Do you want to watch a movie, then coffee afterwards, or would you prefer to grab some Italian food and check out that new café downtown? What about Chinese food for dinner? ”


– Make a recommendation. In case she’s not interested, she can speak up.

– Convey a plan prior to date night. This includes where to eat and what to do after dinner.

– Give her two choices on how you plan to meet up. You can either pick her up somewhere, or meet her wherever you plan to take her.

– Offer to bring her home, instead of asking how she will get home.

Encourage her to speak up if she seems uncomfortable with your date night plan. This makes her feel that her voice matters, and that you’re a team.

4. Say No to Useless Details, But Yes to Relevant Information

She responds to your messagesYou’ve been texting each other for the past few days and so far, everything is going smoothly. She responds to your messages instead of the usual, “okay” reply, and at times, she shares what is going on with her life. Don’t take this is a sign that you can share every little detail about your daily activities.

Play-by-play accounts of what happened to you during the day is none of her business. In fact, she won’t even care. She doesn’t need to know that you will sleep at two in the afternoon and wake up at three, go to the gym at four, meet up with your college friends you haven’t seen for years by six in the evening, and then be home by 10, since you have work the following day.

Rather, text her this way: “I’m meeting my college friends in that new restaurant near your office. Let’s check it out this Saturday.”

5. Post-First Date Text: Keep It Innocent and a Bit Flirtatious

during your dateEverything went well during your date, which is a good thing. You were in control, but not imposing, you made her laugh without making fun of people, and she starts to open up certain things about her. Now, don’t mess it up.

You might be tempted to call her as soon as you have brought her home. Don’t. With the advent of text messaging, the 24-hour rule may not be applicable. Here are important things to remember before sending that message after date:

– Don’t plan a second date through text.

– Thank her for the wonderful night you spent together and tell her that you can’t wait for the next one.

– Text her something that reminded you of your date, like the pasta you ate or the cute little baby beside your table.

– Maintain a friendly and not pushy tone.

Remember, just because she agreed to go out with you the first time, she will do the same the second time.

6. Don’t Scare Her Away: Steer Clear of Texting Your True-Feelings

Was there a time when you felt like you have to let something off your chest because you couldn’t hold it any longer? When it comes to women, this could be applicable. However, getting on your phone and sending her a long message about what you like about her, or how much you love her, or know that she’s the one is wrong.

sweet notesSave the true feelings and confessions for when you see each other face-to-face. Texting could get your point across, but it loses the sincerity and genuineness of every word. If you want to tell her how much you love and care for her, but you’re too shy to say it to her directly, here are some things you can do:

– Unleash your inner Shakespeare by leaving sweet notes in her car, bag, room, office desk or anywhere she can see it easily. You can also use romantic lines from romantic movies.

– Give her a handwritten letter. It’s old-fashioned but your girl of your dreams will surely appreciate it.

– Sing a song and dedicate it to her.

– Surprise her with one of her favorites: cookies from the bakery shop, concert tickets to see her favorite band, or a simple dinner at her favorite restaurant.

The point is to be creative. If you want to confess your true feelings, think of other ways to say it without using your phone.

7. No Reaction: Why Bugging Her for No Response is a Turn Off

You were exchanging text messages for the last hour. Everything was going well when she suddenly stopped texting back. You are sure that you have a strong mobile connection and you were able to send a message. It’s been over an hour, and still no reply from her. The day has ended and you have not heard anything from her still.

Relax. Her lack of response might mean:

– Her phone ran out of battery power.

– She has a poor or dropped signal.

– She’s busy with work and other important things.

– Her phone is broken or missing.

No ResponseWhen this happens, focus your attention on other important tasks. She chose not to respond for variety of reasons – and this means don’t confront her about it. Putting her on the spot and asking her why she didn’t reply could make you sound creepy and demanding, which is a major turn off for most women.

The best you can do is to let it pass and be casual about it by texting her a few days afterwards. Send her a lighthearted text to re-spark the conversation, and don’t ask why she didn’t reply a few days before. If she doesn’t respond, it’s her way of saying that she is not interested. Go ahead and move on to the next girl.

8. Learn the Art of Igniting Her Curiosity Through SMS

There is a reason why face-to-face interaction is still the best way to get to know a person. It is more sincere, genuine and real compared to hiding behind a screen and sending a 140-character message.

keep her excitedHence, leave some room for intrigue. When going on a date, don’t text her about what you plan to do before, during and after the night. It spoils the surprise and makes you less spontaneous, which may not excite her. After all, women find spontaneity sexiness.

When you are texting about something, such as how your presentation with the bosses went or the trouble you got into when you were 10, stick to giving her a general idea. Follow it up with, “I’ll tell the whole story when we have dinner in this restaurant on Friday night.”

This will surely keep her excited.

9. Trigger Positive Emotions and Make Her Feel Happy

Make Her Feel HappyTexting is not the best way to get to know a person, although it could be a good way to establish some connection. Therefore, keep it as friendly, fun and harmless as possible. Here are some of the major things you should avoid talking about when texting:

– How bored you are with your life.

– Downplaying your interests.

– Saying how uninteresting your life is.

– Making fun or saying bad things about people.

In other words, keep the tone fun and flirty. A woman doesn’t want to talk to someone who evokes negative emotions. She doesn’t want to text someone who sounds lazy and who has mastered the art of self-pity. She has many things going on in her life, and the last thing she needs is a text coming from someone saying how boring life can be.

10. Do the “Write Thing” When Texting

man standingLast, and most importantly not the least, treat text messaging as an extension of yourself. Whether you like it or not, text messaging is a new wave of communication utilized by billions of people around the world. It could also be an effective tool especially in keeping up with your dating game.

Therefore, extend what you learned to respect, good manners and proper etiquette when texting. Since it is an extension of yourself, avoid hiding behind the screen, and make sure that you are as real as possible. Do your best to stick to who you are, because she wants to know whether the man she is texting with, and the man standing in front of her are one in the same.


Texting has come a long way. From a small idea, it has become a phenomenon enjoyed by billions of people. However, this does not mean that you can do whatever you want or say whatever you want to say, just because the person you are talking to can’t see you.

If you want to up your game and get a love life, take note of these 10 texting tips and you will surely reap the benefits. More importantly, be who you are as a person.


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