15 Mind Blowing Sex Tips for Men – Be the Best She’s Ever Had

15 Mind Blowing Sex Tips for Men – Be the Best She’s Ever Had

It is a man’s pride to know he is giving her partner the best sex she has ever had, but what if this isn’t happening?

Do not stick to your old disappointing ways. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your bedroom skills. Try new and different things. Learn more about a woman’s erotic anatomy. This article contains sex tips for men that will surely make each sexual encounter mind-blowing.

Amazing Sex May Require Hitting the Right Spots

What kind of sex will drive a woman crazy? It depends on your partner, really. But, if you can give her an orgasm, then that will surely blow her mind and drive her crazy.

First things first, you have to know that a woman’s orgasm is not that easy to achieve compared to a man’s orgasm. Some women who had sex may never have reached orgasm yet; some may seldom reach it, while others are lucky to experience it almost every time or every time they have sex.

giving her an orgasmThe next thing you have to keep in mind, clitoral stimulation gives you the biggest chance of giving her an orgasm. The clitoris, the tiny button-like thing on the outer front part of her vagina, has about 8,000 nerve endings, which are twice the number of the nerve endings found in your penis. Therefore, it is highly sensitive to stimulation whether by licking, rubbing or sucking. Constant clitoral stimulation with just the right pressure could be the key to her big O.

Apart from clitoral stimulation, others say some women can achieve orgasm if you hit her G-spot. It is an erogenous zone found two to three inches inside the vagina. You can hit the G-spot through penetration, but it can still be tricky. Some experts claim the G-spot does not exist, and many women say reaching orgasm through penetration alone is just impossible. Of course, there are those who oppose these opinions.

On the other hand, some women who find it difficult to reach orgasm still find their sex escapades satisfying. If your partner is one of these women, do not be too hard on yourself. If you are not sure she is one of them, do not hesitate to ask. Maybe, you could be the one to give her first orgasm.

Sex Tips for Men: Sex Positions That Will Drive Her Crazy

Certain sex positions maximize clitoral stimulation during penetration. You may be doing these sex positions for a long time now, but you could be doing it wrong.

Here are some of the mind-blowing sex tips guys and girls will surely love:

1. Woman on Top

You’ll both love this sex position. While you are making less of the effort to pleasure her, letting her take control enable her to control her movements, the pace and depth of the penetration that gives her maximum pleasure. As she moves on top of you, her clitoris will brush against the area at the base of your penis.

While she is making her moves, make use of your hands. Fondle her breasts or support the movements of her hips.

2. Missionary

MissionaryThe good old missionary may seem a bit boring and outdated, but a lot of women admit it is one of their favorite sex positions. Women love the missionary position because of the closeness as you lay face-to-face with each other. Feeling your weight on top of her is also a great form of intimacy for her.

You can put a pillow under her butt for deeper penetration. Use your imagination to get creative and make the best out of the most common sex positions.

3. Coital Alignment Technique

The coital alignment technique is the best position for clitoral stimulation and hitting the G-spot. Position yourself in the missionary position and put all of your body weight on top of her. Unlike the missionary, you will not be lifting your upper body away from her with the support of your elbows. Next, penetrate her and move in a diagonal motion instead of the usual push in and pull out. She can move her hips to meet your movement until you have set your movements to the rhythm that gives you the best pleasure.

With your pubic bone directly against her clitoris, she will surely reach orgasm in the not item.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

Every sex position is a variation of other sex positions. The reverse cowgirl is similar to the woman on top but this time, she is facing away from you. While you get the perfect view of her behind, she can manually stimulate her clitoris as she grinds or bounces up and down. She can do this with her body in an upright position or she can lean towards your feet.

Some men do not like the woman on top position because the fear of a broken penis; a girl bouncing too high puts them off. Do not let this same fear ruin your experience; just tell your girl gently to slow down with the bouncing.

5. Raunchy Doggie Style

The doggie style is among the sex positions men and women love. Taking her from behind gets you a full view of her butt, and you can easily go in and out of her. Give her slow and deep thrusts and get your hands busy with her clitoris. Or, she can do it herself while your hands are busy groping her breasts. Drive her crazy by going slow then going fast and hard. While you are at it, talk dirty and tell her how much she makes you feel so good.


6. Lazy Spooning

Want to let out the steam on a lazy weekend? Try the spooning position.

Lay down closely on the bed facing against each other and on your sides. Try to imitate the position of two spoons with the curved part fitted together. As you penetrate her from behind, let your partner touch herself. Then your hands should roam free on her body especially her nipples and breasts. She can slightly twist her head so you can share a passionate kiss. You can go back to sleep after your escapade.

7. The Lap Dance

Pull out an armless chair and sit on it butt-naked. Let her straddle you and her feet should be flat on the floor. This position allows you to enjoy the closeness of your bodies and her every move will provide maximum clitoral stimulation.

What’s more? You can easily kiss each other, play with her breasts with your hands or mouth or pull her hips closer. For a change, she can turn her back on you and masturbate as you support her hip movements with your hands.

8. The Valedictorian

The ValedictorianYou start with the missionary position, but instead of lying closely on top of her, you will put her ankles on your shoulders with legs forming a V. This sex position may not offer maximum clitoral stimulation, but the deep thrusts are enough to get her screaming with pleasure. To make the penetration even deeper, take her ankles off your shoulder and push her legs, still in a V position, closer to her upper body. She’ll wonder if you have doubled your size because of the deep penetration.

However, not all women are comfortable with deep penetration; some may find it painful. If your partner finds it that way, then revert to the missionary or try something else.

9. The Pretzel

This one may sound difficult to you, but it’s pretty easy and won’t fail you when it comes to the pleasure area.

Let your ladylove lie on her side. Her bottom leg should be straight and stretched out on the bed while the other leg is held up. You will straddle her bottom leg in a kneeling position with your penis against her vagina. Penetrate her gently and hold her legs for support. Then, you’ll have to find a rhythm of your movements that will both send you to the throes of desire. You can kiss or lick her licks for legs for more intimacy.

10. The Flat Iron

If you are bored of the missionary but still, want to enjoy the closeness and intimacy? Then try the flat iron position. Your partner lies flat on her stomach with her legs closed and her hips slightly raised. You penetrate her from behind with your body on top of her back. You can put a pillow on her hip for support so she won’t get tired of raising her hips. This position may not stimulate her clitoris, but the position itself, and the closeness of your bodies will indulge your primal sexual instincts.

11. The Lotus

Sit on the bed with your legs folded like a pretzel. Let your woman straddle with her legs wrapped around your waist. The closeness of your bodies makes the position intimate, and the angle of the penetration provides enough clitoral stimulation. You can easily kiss her passionately or suck her nipples as you gently rock together to reach orgasm.

12. The Sidewinder

The sidewinder is a lot like spooning, but instead of facing away from each other, you lay on your sides facing each other with your bodies straightly stretched on the bed. Let her lift her one leg up then wrap it around your waist as you penetrate her.

This position allows eye contact and smooching plus your hands can easily roam each other’s body. Use your legs and muscles to thrust. Since your bodies are close, the clitoral stimulation will surely be heaven for her.

13. Waterfall

The waterfall is both great for you and your partner depending on who is at the bottom. Since you want to give her a mind blowing sex then, you should be the one doing all the work for the waterfall position.

Let your ladylove lay on the bed with her head and shoulders hanging on the edge of the bed to the floor. With her legs wrapped around you, penetrate and her gently in a rubbing motion. The best thing about this position is the rush of the blood in the head which can bring a mind-blowing sensation once she reaches orgasm.

To be fair, you can try the waterfall next time with you on the bottom, so you get to feel the head rush.

14. The Stand Up

sex while standing upTired of lying on the bed and sitting? Who says you can’t have wild crazy sex while standing up? Let your partner lean against a wall as you position yourself in front of her. Lift her legs up and wrap it around your waist then gently move your body against her in a rubbing motion. With her clitoris against your pubic bone, you will sure make her scream with pleasure.

If your legs and her legs are not strong enough to support the movement and her weight, find something, wherein she can put one of her feet for support while you hold her other leg. This position can become uncomfortable and tiring if both of you are not strong enough to support the weight.

15. Perpendicular Encounter

Find a counter or table with the same height as your hips. Lay your girl down it with her hips on the edge then stand up in front of her. Your straight body should be perpendicular to her body and your hips should against her hips. Wrap her legs around your waist and penetrate her. You can get your hands busy as your thrust while she can rub her clitoris with her hand.

Working out these sex positions to hit the right spots will surely drive her crazy. Yet, if orgasm still happens once in a blue moon or does not happen at all do not hesitate to use your fingers and mouth to stimulate her clitoris. If she can reach orgasm through masturbation, observe how she does it. Ask and explore.

And hey, getting her in the mood for sex is one of the most important factors that will determine the result. She is not likely to reach orgasm if her mind is distracted and if she is doing it just to get it over with. The best advice for men when it comes to sex? Women’s arousal is a lot more complicated than men’s. You cannot just turn them on and off whenever you want.

For more sex tips for men on how to get women in the mood, visit this website.

Be the best your partner has ever had. These 15 sex positions will surely blow her mind and make her scream for more.


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