Kicking It Up a Notch: Sizzling Sex with Massage Magic

Kicking It Up a Notch: Sizzling Sex with Massage Magic

There are many ways you can turn on a woman. Touching her in sensitive spots like her neck and ears will always be a crowd favorite, while giving her a passionate kiss will never fail you inside the bedroom.

Still, there is one activity you should try that will surely get your girl begging for more: sex massages. Here are some of the top tips on how to incorporate sex with massage – and give her the experience she will never forget – starting with the basic ingredients:

1. Setting the Mood: One of the Most Important Tools in Sensual Massage

sensual massageBefore you learn how to give sensual massage, you need to learn the basic tools that will make the experience more pleasurable. This should start off with setting the mood. This will make your partner feel more comfortable and makes it easier for her to adapt the sexual vibe.

Here are tips on how to set the mood:

i. Make sure that the room is clean and tidy.

ii. Remove all forms of clutter such as paper, bills, pile of dirty clothes, and anything that could be distracting.

iii. Dim the lights and add some scented candles for more sensual atmosphere.

iv. Lay a towel on the bed or anywhere you plan to give her a massage.

v. Keep the temperature cool, but not too cold that it would make her shiver.

2. Don’t Forget the Music to Keep Her Relaxed and Ready for Romance

Another essential component in setting the mood is by adding music in the background. Music helps you and your girl relax and at the same time, makes you both feel sexy and ready for romance.

You have to be careful on this one. Metallica and AC/DC may be your jam, but if you want to turn on the romance button, go for soft and slow blues. Nature sounds like running water, chirping birds, or sounds of the rain forest can also be pleasing to the ears – and the soul, too.

Keep in mind that sex massages are appetizers to get you both to the main course. Do this right starting with your choice of music and you will definitely seal the deal. If you need it, make sure you have a product on hand like VigRX Delay Spray, so you won’t get too turned on and ejaculate quickly.

3. Massage Oil: The Main Ingredient as Important as a Mechanic’s Wrench

Imagine cars without gasoline, salt without pepper, or sandwiches with no filling – pointless. The same goes for a sex massage. Can you imagine doing a sex massage without any oil in it? Aside from friction, this could make the activity uncomfortable for your partner.

What kind of oil should you use? It depends on the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Coconut, almond or lavender oil might be the staple choices, but there are other essential oils that could offer romantic benefits inside the bedroom, such as:

jasmineJasmine – Comes with aphrodisiac effects.

Sandalwood – To improve libido.

Rose – To boost romance inside the bedroom.

Cardamom – Helps increase intimacy.

Ylang Ylang – Another type of oil known for its aphrodisiac benefits.

Patchouli – Helps you focus and provides an earthy, musky scent.

Juniper – This oil promotes self-assurance, which could give you a boost inside the bedroom.

Go ahead and take your pick. You can find these oils in most health food stores and online, too.

4. Ways to Prepare Yourself Before You Proceed with Sensual Massage

You set the mood, prepared the music, and chose the perfect oil for your session. Apparently, this doesn’t end here. One of the preparations needed to carry out successful sex with massage is to make sure that you are also ready.

How do you do this? Take note of the following guidelines:

i. Make sure that your fingernails are short and clean.

ii. Stay relaxed, so you will be focused during the entire process.

iii. If you will wear clothes during the process, make sure you wear comfortable clothing.

iv. If you plan to get naked during the massage, ensure that your room is warm enough, since shivering could ruin the mood.

v. Maintain the proper posture during the massage process.

vi. Keep your hands warms since that can be extra stimulating.

vii. Ensure that your partner is in a comfortable position, preferably with her body straight. This relieves stress in her body, thereby making the experience more pleasurable.

5. Sex with Massage: Techniques to Make Sexual Activity Even Better

relaxingAre you ready? Before you proceed with the massage itself, here are few reminders you need to remember to make sure that the massage remains sensual and relaxing for you and your partner:

a. Warm the oil in your hands before spreading on your partner’s skin.

b. Spread the oil on your partner’s skin for a few minutes before going for a massage.

c. Use long languid strokes to help relax your partner’s muscles

d. Establish your massage route. If you are a bit nervous, start with her head using the techniques outline in step 11. You can also start with the back of her legs, buttocks and back, followed by the front of her legs, and then the rest of her body.

e. Make sure to finish one area of her body first before moving on to the next area in her body.

f. Stop the massage when your partner experiences pain or discomfort.

g. Minimize talking or conversation since it could ruin the atmosphere you aim to create.

h. Consider getting a bubble bath before the massage. This could also keep you both relaxed and in the mood for the night that’s about to come.

Keep in mind that a little preparation goes a long way. Pay attention these techniques and you will surely make the experience worth it. For more pleasure, consider taking VigRX Plus or ProSolution enhancement pills, with your doctor’s okay, of course.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to move on to the different sensual techniques you can do to make the experience sizzle for her and eventually, for you.

6. Shiatsu: A Simple Yet Effective Massage Technique You Should Master

There are many types of massage techniques that will surely help your ladylove feel refreshed and relaxed. Before you go to these techniques, it is important that you master the basics, also known as the shiatsu.

To do this, simply lay your hands or fingers on certain spots in her body. Apply pressure on the area by pressing your thumbs and rotating it slowly. You can also use this massage technique to find knots on your back and help loosen them up.

If you are used to this technique, you can also use your elbow for added pleasure. Otherwise, stick to your palms until you mastered this technique;

7. Get to Know Compression: Another Massage Technique Every Man Must Know

When you combine sex with massage, you will reach your goal to please your partner. In fact, the purpose of sensual massage is to help your girl relax and at the same time, prepare her for the night that’s about to come. Still, this doesn’t mean you should not take massages too seriously. It is important that you choose a massage technique that will also address any health issues.

An example of this is compression.

This common massage technique loosens the muscles to increase blood flow in your partner’s body, specifically the genital area. Aside from this, compression is an effective technique to keep your partner’s body ready.

Just in case you want to focus on her buttocks, this massage technique is highly recommended. All you have to do is to place your one hand on top of the other the rotate slowly.

8. Keeping It Gentle with Stroking, Another Sexual Massage Technique Worth Knowing

Stroking is another massage technique worth knowing. This technique offers long and gentle movements on particular portions of her body using your hands, which can be relaxing.

your palms are in full contact with the body partTo do this, start by keeping your fingers together. Make sure your thumbs are parallel to each other and your palms are in full contact with the body part that you will be massaging. When done carefully and correctly, stroking can be pleasing for her and make her scream for pleasure.

It doesn’t end here. Keep reading to learn more about other sex with massage options, plus find out how to massage your ladylove according to body part.

9. Go Deep into Her Muscles with the Kneading Technique

When it comes to her buttocks and other fleshy areas, one massage technique is worth trying: kneading.

Kneading is a massage technique similar to how bakers knead bread. You grasp a particular area by pressing down on muscle tissue then push your fingers together and move it upward in a lifting motion.

You can knead any portions of her body, but not her belly. This could make her uncomfortable and conscious, so make sure you avoid this area, at least when doing the kneading massage technique.

10. Friction: An Advanced Massage Technique Perfect for Hands and Feet

One of the most used and abused portions of her body are probably her hands and feet. This is perhaps the reason why hand and foot spa are popular, to provide pampering and attention to these portions.

If you are up for a challenge, then you can try this massage technique.

Friction is an advanced massage technique that uses less oil and relies heavily on the friction between your hand and her body. This massage technique is likewise a focused technique, which focuses on small areas and requires certain amount of stability and pressure.

Friction is regarded as a technique for professionals, although you can also give this a try. In case you plan to try this technique on your partner, make sure to keep it gentle.

Now that you know the basics in sexual massages and the different techniques you can try for massage, it’s time to say hello to the massage itself and how you can make them work to your advantage.

Say hello to the sensual massage proper, so make sure you read until the end of the post.

11. Start Your Sensual Massage with Head Massage

head massageDo you want to keep her relaxed at the start of the session? Give her a head massage. This also works well if you are new to the relationship or your partner is not yet comfortable in letting you touch her body.

Here’s how to do head massage:

I. Ask her to lie down on her stomach or let her sit, depending on where she is comfortable with.

II. Start by rubbing her forehead and temples.

III. Gently run your fingers through her hair starting from her scalp and all the way down. You can do this for as long as you like.

IV. Kiss her ears at the end of the head massage.

Some prefer to keep head massage towards the end of the massage, while there are others who want to start the session with this. There is no definite rule on what should go first and it will depend on your style, so go ahead and start with something you are most comfortable with, or ask her which she prefers.

12. Work Your Way Down to Her Neck, Shoulders and Back

Now that you are done with her head, it’s time to move all the way down to her neck, shoulders and her back. If you want to make the most out of your session, then you have to make sure you employ the right techniques.

Here’s how to do it:

i. Ask your partner to lie down on her stomach and with her back bare.

ii. Warm the oil in your hands then apply the oil to her upper body.

iii. Create long, gentle strokes in her body in up and down motion.

iv. Employ compression massage technique to loosen up muscles and get rid of knots. This will make her feel more relaxed, thereby making it easier for her to get in the mood.

v. Knead her shoulders.

vi. Gently stroke her neck to make her feel more relaxed. 

As soon as you are done with her back, it’s time to move on to another part of her body, which you will learn more about in the next section.

13. How to Massage Her Butt – and Get Her Turned On and Ready for Sex

massage her buttocksThe buttocks area is a highly sensitive and erotic area that could help you seal the deal. If you are up for a romantic foreplay, then you need to make sure that you use the right massage techniques to make this work for you. After all, when done properly, you will surely get her turned on and make the experience more pleasurable and exciting for you both.

Here’s how you should massage her buttocks:

A. Place your palms on her butt cheeks and massage it in circular movements.

B. Gradually increase the pressure as you cover every inch of her butt.

C. Do the kneading technique, starting with her right buttock. Do the same for her left buttock.

D. After conducting the kneading technique for each butt cheek, create a roll of her butt skin using your thumb starting from the bottom or the area near her thighs, and then gently push it up.

Just make sure you will apply the right kind of pressure when massaging her buttocks. Keep in mind that the aim is to turn her on so keep your movements as sensual as possible.

14. Don’t Forget Her Legs and Feet as You Aim to Please Her with Sex Massages

You aim to please, which means you need to pay attention to every part of her body. At this point, you already turned her on with your butt massage, but this doesn’t mean you should be complacent. You still need to get her excited and turned on to sustain arousal.

This is why it is important to move all the way down to her legs and feet.

A leg and foot massage is one of the best ways to please a woman. She will surely be pleased if you give her legs long and gentle strokes while kneading her thighs and calves lightly. Caressing her legs using your fingertips could also get her excited, which helps in sustaining her mood for sex. Don’t forget the inner thighs since this is a highly erotic area.

foot massageNext, here comes the feet, which is considered a special part of a woman’s body. In fact, the feet are regarded as the sensual map of the body because it reflects the many organs to keep her functioning properly.

When giving her a foot massage, make sure to start from the heel then go all the way up. Gently press every inch on her feet using your thumb, but don’t press too much since this could cause diarrhea. If you want to up your game, give her feet a good lick, focusing on her toes and the spaces between them.

This will surely make her go crazy and definitely in the mood.

15. Say Hello to Arm and Hand Massage to Keep Her More Relaxed and in the Mood

Just like your feet, hands are also the roadmap of your body. This is why it is important to pay attention to the area and sustain the arousal and her mood for sex.

You can start by massaging your arms with long and gently strokes. Thereafter, move towards her hands starting from her wrist and up to her fingertips. Using your thumb, massage every area of her hands to keep her excited and then play with her fingertips.

She will definitely love this move and make her turned on even more.

16. Chest Massage: A Prelude to Sex You Shouldn’t Miss

You covered her head and went all the way down to her foot. Are you forgetting something?

Yes, her chest and breast area.

Keep in mind that the massage you conducted helps in building the sexy kind of tension that is enough for arousal. Apparently, foreplay will never be complete without a woman’s breasts in it. In fact, keeping her chest area last is like the cherry on top that will definitely seal the deal.

You have to be careful on this one. You might be a bit excited and can’t wait to get inside her, but building tension and desire will make the experience more pleasurable. Caress every area of her breasts while leaving her nipples last. Rub her breasts, squeeze them together, bring her breasts together, and give her nipples a good lick to turn her on.

You know what happens next.

17. Post-Sensual Massage and Getting Ready for Sex

initiate sexNow that she is ready, this doesn’t mean you should initiate sex directly. The following are tips on how to transition from massage to sex:

I. Remove the towel that is covering her body. If she initiated it first, then you know you are doing it right.

II. Go down and slightly massage her inner thighs with your hands. If she seems inviting and doesn’t show any resistance, slowly move your way down to her genital area.

III. Pay attention to her breasts before focusing exclusively on her area down there.

IV. If you are not sure if she is ready, don’t hesitate to ask her. Phrase the question in such a way that she dictates what happens next, which is another turn on for her.

With these 17 sex with massage techniques up your sleeve, you will surely turn a woman on and make her beg for more. Keep them in mind and the next time the situation calls for it, you are ready.


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