Complete Disclosure: 6 VigRX Plus Results From a Clinical Viewpoint

Complete Disclosure: 6 VigRX Plus Results From a Clinical Viewpoint

For those who are unaware, VigRX Plus is an herbal supplement that is designed to assist men in enhancing their sexual pleasure. In simple words, it is a male enhancement product. This herbal supplement promises to give its users there sex life spark back. From the VigRX Plus official website, there are statements that this supplement could give a man harder and fuller erections that could last longer. This translates to a possible better sex life and satisfaction.

It is obvious that most people cannot take words from a company selling a product that is somewhat new in the market. This is why they did clinical tests, so here is an explanation of the VigRX Plus results that were achieved in these tests. If by any chance you have come across VigRX, then you probably know the benefits.

VigRX Plus is just a better version of the original VigRX product. It packed with added advantages and benefits. Even though the reviews are positive, it is always important to know what is in herbal supplements before you start using it. You should also run it by your doctor to get the green light, just to be safe.

VigRX Ingredients: An Exciting Blend of Sex Booster for a Thrilling Sex Life

The following are the ingredients that have made VigRX Plus the talk of town with its effectiveness:

BioPerine: Works to Make Sex Booster More Effective

black pepperBioPerine is the base ingredient used to make VigRX Plus. This is a natural substance from the Indian black pepper fruit. When converted into an extract, it is referred to as piperine. The word BioPerine is used to refer to the patented version of piperine.

When mixed with nutritional supplements, it increases the rate of absorption of the included nutrients. Its use in VigRX Plus is aimed at increasing the potency of all the other natural ingredients. There have been studies that have indicated the effectiveness of this ingredient in improving nutrients absorption.

Damiana and Puncture Vine: Ancient Aphrodisiacs with a Modern Twist

For decades, damiana has been in use as an active aphrodisiac. According to studies, this ingredient has been used mainly for the improvement in low libido. The leaves are either made into powder or smoked for easy consumption.

Puncture vine is also known to increase strength and testosterone in the body. It has also been found to be effective in reducing impotency and increasing sexual drive.

Epimedium Leaf Extract: How Horny Goat Weed Works

Recent studies involving epimedium and icariin, its active component, show that this ingredient is an effective aphrodisiac. It works as a PDE-5 inhibitor, which relaxes smooth muscles. It also boosts the nitric oxide levels improving circulation to the penis. In turn, all these result in a harder fuller erection.

This plant is known as horny goat weed throughout Asia and has been used for decades as a sex drive enhancer. The name comes from the fact that it is believed to have been discovered by a goat herder who noticed improved copulation of his herd after ingesting the herb.

Ginkgo: A Magical Herb with Countless Benefits

In most cases, this herb is associated with enhanced memory, mental clarity and focus. However, there have been over three hundred studies on Gingko Biloba which have indicated that its leaves have more benefits that just focus and mental clarity. It has been found to have a sexual performance improvement benefit which explains its use in VigRX Plus.

gingko bilobaA trial by the University of California indicated that the Gingko leaf has 84 percent effectiveness in dealing with erection problems through anti-depressant properties. According to the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, the individuals using this herb showed improvements in all important sexual stages which are desire, excitement, orgasm and afterglow. It is also can enhance microvascular circulation which in turn improves erection.

Asian Red Ginseng: An Asian Recipe for a Hot Sex Life

Research by the University of Ulsan College of Medicine, department of Urology studied the Korean red ginseng. There have been other studies which all show an improvement in lovemaking with the use of Asian red ginseng.

Research done on human subjects demonstrated that Asian red ginseng can be an effective way to deal with erectile dysfunction. In other studies, Asian red ginseng has been indicated to boost the synthesis of nitric oxide in the corpus cavernosum. This leads to improved circulation in the penile tissue, resulting in a stronger erection. This plays a major role in the positive VigRX Plus results.

Saw Palmetto Berry: A Berry to Spark the Sex Flame

Saw Palmetto Berries have been used for a long time as libido boosters and sex related stimulants. Research has indicated that the berries work by soothing the smooth muscle tissues, which results in an improved circulation in the penile tissues. The components limit estrogen and androgen receptor activity and this helps in keeping male hormone levels high.

Saw Palmetto is widely used in the UK, U.S., and Germany to provide health benefits for urinary and prostate issues.

Muira Puama Bark Extract: An Amazing Recipe for Erectile Dysfunction

Muira puama has been used as an aphrodisiac for a long time. It has also been used in the treatment of lack of sex drive and impotence in Europe and South America. In Britain, it is used in the treatment of erectile problems and dysentery.

There are recent clinical studies that support the positive effect of this ingredient for men who need lovemaking function enhancement. Using muira puama increased the sexual intercourse frequency in 66 percent of the subjects and a boost in sexual desire in 70 percent of the subjects.

Catuaba Bark Extract: A Powerful Libido Booster from the Amazonian Forests

Catuaba trees grow in the amazon and for many decades, it has been used in boosting libido by tribal men of Brazil. It has been found to improve the regularity of sexual dreams a man gets and this is also accompanied by an enhancement of sexual desire. It works through the simple dilation of blood vessels.

This increases the flow of blood into penile tissues and stimulates nerves. It has a great reputation as a powerful energy booster and this reduces exhaustion enhances general performance and virility.

As you can see, the ingredients used in making VigRX Plus contribute a great deal to the positive VigRX Plus results indicated in clinical tests involving the effectiveness of this product.

Scientific Testing and VigRX Plus Results

When a medical product or a supplement is introduced into the market, the most important thing is the clinical test and results. In this case, there have been clinical tests on VigRX Plus, so you can review the clinical VigRX Plus results on the official website.

To save you time, here is a summary of the clinical studies done by Vedic Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. These studies were conducted over a two-year period, and this means that they were quite conclusive. The VigRX Plus results were published in a 56-page clinical report; however, this article will compress the results for easy reading.

How They Conducted the Study: An Unbiased and Advanced Testing Methodology Ensured Maximum Transparency

As mentioned, this was a clinical study by the Vedic Life Sciences Pvt. and was through a triple-blind Study. This means that the participant doctors, researchers and subjects had no idea who was getting the VigRX Plus and who was getting the placebo. This is to make sure that the results were not biased. This is one of the best studies when it comes to getting real results.

The study took place over 84 days with visits being done on day 28, 56 and 84 for assessment.

The standard used in the assessment was the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). This is a reputable system used in studies throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S. It is used in the demonstration of response to treatment.

The standard is used in measuring:

  • Frequency of erections and penetration
  • Firmness of the erections
  • Frequency of erection maintenance after penetration
  • Ability of erection maintenance to the end of intercourse
  • Confidence of erection achievement and maintenance

The EDITS questionnaire, which is internationally recognized, was used in measuring the subject’s and partner’s satisfaction. Prior to the start of the study, the protocols and amendments were approved by the independent Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC).

Participant Profile: The Men Who Took Part in the Study

The clinical study involved a total of 75 men. These men were between the age of 25 and 60 years. In addition to that:

  • All of the participants were in monogamous and heterosexual relationships.
  • They agreed to take two capsules of VigRX Plus for 12 weeks, twice a day.
  • There was a screening of 108 men, 78 qualified for the clinical trial, but 75 completed it.
  • The researchers ensured that none of the participants had:
    • Any significant psychiatric disorder
    • A history of heart illnesses
    • Diabetes
    • Spinal injuries
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Penile deformities
  • They also made sure that none of the participants were using medications that could result in sexual related dysfunction. They were not alcoholics, had no erection problems resulting from low levels of testosterone, had no liver or renal problems and did not have pregnant female partners.

A Detailed Look at the Staggering Clinical VigRX Plus Results

sustain an erection1. An amazing 62.82 percent improvement in the ability to maintain an erection during penetration. After the 84 days of trial with daily supplementation with VigRX Plus, the participants taking the supplements indicated an increase of 62.82 percent in the ability to sustain an erection, maintenance of full thickness and firmness during penetration with their partners. This is a great improvement and one of the important VigRX Plus results especially because the participants taking the placebo reported only a 10.18 percent improvement.

2. A thrilling 58.97 percent improvement in the ability to penetrate a partner. As the trial was going on, the participants and their partners were interviewed. The interview was through the EDITS questionnaire and there was a comparison between the sexual satisfaction among the VigRX Plus users and the Placebo users.

Partners of the participants taking VigRX Plus reported that there was an average of 58.97 percent improvement in the participants’ ability to penetrate and an improved general sexual satisfaction. During the same trial period, the partners of those taking the placebo reported a decrease in penetration.

3. An exciting 22.49 percent improvement in the orgasm quality. Over the 84 days of trial period, there was a 22.49 percent improvement of orgasmic quality. This simply means that the participants taking VigRX Plus had 22.49 percent more and better orgasms than those taking the placebo. More and better orgasms mean that there is an improvement in sexual satisfaction and enjoyment.

4. An unprecedented 47 percent improvement in sexual drive and sexual desire. This is an important point in the VigRX Plus results because it demonstrates the superiority of VigRX Plus over other prescription medication.

While prescription medications basically focus on erection quality improvement, they do not affect the sexual desire. This simply means that patients taking the prescription medication might achieve an erection but might not have the desire to take part in sexual intercourse.

On the other hand, VigRX Plus, as indicated in the clinical trial, has the ability to improve the quality of the erection and sexual desire. This translates to a dramatic improvement of the overall intercourse and sexual satisfaction. This is one of the main reasons why VigRX Plus his becoming a better option and used over prescription meds.

sexual satisfaction5. An astounding 71.43 percent improvement in intercourse and sexual satisfaction. Participants taking VigRX Plus during the clinical trial reported a 71.43 percent Improvement in sexual and intercourse satisfaction this is a great improvement considering the placebo participants only reported a 12 percent improvement. This means that people taking VigRX Plus had an improvement of up to 6 times of sexual satisfaction compared to those who took the placebo.

6. A dramatic 61 percent improvement in the overall sexual satisfaction. When the VigRX Plus results were finally in, there was a general improvement in the sexual satisfaction. According to the participants, the overall sexual satisfaction improved by 61 percent. In validation of these results, participants who were getting the placebo reported a general decrease in sexual satisfaction.

You should keep in mind that the study was a Triple-blind study which means the participants, researchers and doctors did not have an idea of who was getting placebo or VigRX Plus. This ensured that there was no bias in the results and the report.

What the Clinical VigRX Plus Results Proved

The results of the clinical trial of VigRX Plus showed a number of factors. Some of the clear results that should be expected by people using VigRX Plus include the improvement of erection quality, erection control, libido and a general sexual satisfaction increase.

A report by Vedic Life Sciences Pvt. shows that 90 percent of the people who participated in the trial were so satisfied with the results that they continued to take the supplement after the study was over. You can also expect to get all these mentioned benefits in a safe way. The results show that the supplement was safe for all the participating men.

Method of Use: How to Use the Product Safely and Steer Free of Side Effects

VigRX Plus is a tool designed to provide certain results. It is quite important to know that just having the right tools is not enough to get desired results. You will need to know how to use these tools. It is, therefore, important that you use VigRX Plus carefully if you want to achieve the VigRX Plus results indicated in the clinical trial.

the medicationTo be on the safe side, you might want to learn how to take it by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. One of the big mistakes most people make is to go against the instructions with a hope that the medication will work better. The manufacturer has provided the instructions because they understand how the ingredients work and which quantity is suitable.

For VigRX Plus, the instructions of taking the supplement are simple and straightforward. Take a pill in the morning with your breakfast and take another pill in the evening with your meal. The reason it is recommended that you take the pill with your meals is to make sure that the ingredients are absorbed faster and smoothly for maximum benefits.

It is not a case of you must take it with food; it is just that it is the best way to do it. Most people who complain that supplements do not work may have other reasons, but in most cases, it is because they take the supplements the wrong way.

If you miss a dose or only take one pill in the evening or one in the morning, the results will be delayed. Though this is the case, taking more pills will not have faster results. It is easy to make this conclusion, because if one pill slows the VigRX Plus results, while two pills will quicken them; it makes sense to double the dose, right?

Wrong. If you take aspirin to get rid of a headache in one hour, does it make sense to take 60 pills to get rid of the headache in one minute? No, it does not.

Same is the case here. The recommended dosage has been clinically tested and found to be the best amount of ingredients in your body per day. The company provides the right dosage and this is not self-interest. If taking more pills would have better results, they would say so and this would actually make them more money since people would take and need more pills. It is important to learn more about VigRX plus how to use it and any possible side effects.

VigRX Plus Side Effects: Some Things You Should Be Aware of

Before taking any supplements, it is always important that you get to know if there are any side effects. This will help you cope better if there are. In this case, there are a number of things you should know about the possible side effects. It is quite important that you ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the making of VigRX Plus. You should also not take more or less pills. Follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

All the components in VigRX Plus are natural. But having natural supplements does not exclude this product from side effects. Some users have reported the following side effects:headaches

  • Slight dehydration as a result of frequent urination
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Mild headaches

These were reported by only a few users and there has not been any other major report on this. The good news is that these are only minor side effects that can be eliminated with simple actions. It is recommended that you do not take the pills on an empty stomach.

To solve the dehydration problem, you just need to drink more water to stay hydrated. If your health is good and you are taking in food with high nutritional value, then there are no major side effects that you will f ace. In case you experience something out of the ordinary, you must consult your medical practitioner.

Where to Buy VigRX Plus for Men

There are many websites offering VigRX for men, but you should be careful because there are many scammers online. These are the people who will sell you fake products at the price of the original product. These fake products will contain little or no ingredients and therefore will not work. This explains why there are some people who are dissatisfied with what they got.

Make sure you are not a victim of these scams when buying. One thing to check is the VigRX Plus price. To be on the safe side, just buy it from the VigRX Plus official website. This will ensure that you are getting the real thing and might even enjoy some discounts. This will also make sure that you have all the right information about using this product.

The clinical trial and VigRX Plus results are out. The results are from a clinical study involving real men. Visit the official website to see the VigRX plus results before after pictures. You can also get VigRX plus from Amazon. The information will help you understand what VigRX Plus really is and the VigRX Plus results you should expect.


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