11 Eye Opening Ways to Wake up Your Sleepy Sex Life

11 Eye Opening Ways to Wake up Your Sleepy Sex Life

Keeping the fires of desire burning is perhaps one of the most serious challenges in a long-term relationship or marriage. Couples that are together for quite.

Some time surely experienced some degree of decline in their relationship when it comes to sex. During this time in the relationship, couples are long past the early stage where they can barely keep their hands from each other.

Most couples, by this time, find themselves in a position where sex has become boring and feels as ordinary as cleaning the house or the backyard. The depressing thing about all this is that couples never planned or imagined that their marriage would be the way it is right now.

Perception During the Early Stages of Marriage

coupleWhen couples start their relationships, especially when they were newly married and young, then cannot imagine losing the intensity they first felt.

They have the knowledge perhaps that relationships have its ups and downs. However, they cannot predict that a fallout in sex is part of the relationship.

This is a common trap in a couple’s marriage, which is to both the husband and wife. This problem often leads to arguments, fights and ultimately, divorce.

Pop Culture

Having the best intention of a lifetime full of love is always not enough to turn it into reality. A marriage requires conscious planning and knowledge about the preservation of sexual chemistry, just like in any aspect of life that we hope to consistently do well and achieve. Nothing in life is free, especially the important things in a marriage.

Sadly, popular culture is not a good guide in this problem, even if it constantly bombards us daily. Couples are not allowed to forget about sex because of the attention it gets through music, movies, magazines and books.

The Hollywood Factor

romantic relationshipsMovies and television can mislead us into thinking that in life, passion and sex are automatic and without any type of effort. In the cliché that is boy-meets-girl-and-totally-falls-head-over-heels-in-love.-

With-him story, we perceive romantic relationships as recollections, rather than what it is upfront. Hollywood is teaching us that we don’t need to plan romance and it should flow naturally to us.

Couples should instantly know what to do when they are together. Everything will fall together, no matter what and how things are going at the time. However, in real life, things do not follow what the movies always portray, as living happily ever after is quite the opposite.

11 Eye Opening Ways to Wake up Your Sleepy Sex Life

Take Some Time To Do A Little Planning. If you have kids, or you and your partner work regularly, this is a perfect way for you to awaken your sleepy sex life. Consider talking with your partner regarding sex preferences. Ask them if they like to do it early in the morning or late at night. It is important that you talk things over, so that both of you can agree on the best times to be intimate with each other.

When you have kids or are busy with work, sex can sometimes be less of a priority. With that, you need to make the extra effort in order to keep the fires burning. For most couples, the best time for sex is when the kids are out in school. Others, on the other hand, prefer late at night when everyone is already sleeping. Both of them need to understand that in order for their sexual lives to become active, they need to cooperate and to be patient.

partnerProvide A Private Place For Both Of You. There is no need to find another place. Setting up a could be right in your very own room. All you need to do is to set a rule for your kids, so that your bedroom is off limits for them.

Always tell them to knock before entering. Make your bedroom a sanctuary for you and your partner. Turn this place into a haven where you two can both explore your love and find a retreat.

Take Some Time For Rest And Recreation. During the weekend or holidays, try to make the most of your free time doing things for yourself. Make some time to visit a massage parlor and enjoy a relaxing overall massage. This will release all the tension to your body and will set your mood for doing something more exciting. Ask your partner to go with you, so you two can have some perfect time together.

Try Some Exciting Love Games. The idea here is to write something exciting and sexy act in a piece of paper and put it in a box. Ask your partner to pick a piece of paper from that box and tell them to do exactly what they read from the paper. The secret here is for it to be more fun and exciting is to avoid writing something that you know your partner will not like. As the game continues, both of you will surely enjoy all the acts you will need to execute.

hot showerConsider Taking A Hot Shower Together. When your partner is getting in the shower, consider joining them. Hug them from the back and offer to do wash them all over the body.

Doing this slowly and ensuring to lather enough bubbles will excite both of you and will stir up the desire for sex. As you go along the washing and lathering of soap, you will start to send signals for pleasurable lovemaking. You may even want to do it at that moment.

Do A Simple Workout. Getting fit will not only give you a good-looking body, it will boost your confidence. It is important that you have great level of confidence, so you will be comfortable getting intimate with your partner. In addition, by doing regular exercise, you are building your stamina and stimulating your blood circulation. These things are all essential to awaken your sleepy desire for lovemaking.

Cloth Yourself. Others may find it more exciting to make love to someone with sexy clothes on. However, you can make it more exciting by covering yourself up with clothes without any underwear beneath. Next, ask your partner to remove your clothes slowly one piece by one. This will give you both a thrill. The no underwear idea beneath those fully covered body is a great form of surprise.

Doing this occasionally will bring back the excitement and thrills. This will keep your partner wanting for more. This is a great way to flirt and to entice them into sex. It will also be great if you did a slow striptease in front of them.

partner Make A Love deal. If you want your desire for sex heat up again, try to make an agreement for lovemaking. Ask your partner to work.

With you on taking some time to do some exciting foreplay before going all the way to home base. Just 15 to 30 minutes of foreplay is enough to set your mood into a slow boiling point.

When you both feel like you are almost to the verge of climax, you can stop for a while before starting over again. At this point, your sex will be more exciting and could surely bring you to pleasure.

Set-Up The Scene And Use Some Props. This would be a great way to wake up your sleeping mood for sex. Create a background or a scene that will serve as the perfect set-up for sex. A feeling of being on the beach is a good example. Tape a beach sound, set up a bed with bed sheets that will project a beach atmosphere.

Sometimes, imagining things and being creative is the secret to making your desire for sex go up instead of down. Never miss a chance to explore and try new things. There is no need to exert too much effort or shell out a great amount of cash in order to have a beach atmosphere. You can do it right in your own bedroom. Just bring out the creative side of you.

Set A Date. If at some point in your life, you notice that you are not getting enough hot sex. Try to consider making a sex calendar. All you need to do is to note an appointment for sex on a particular date. It could be once or twice a week. Just make be sure not to schedule it every day, as that’s too much pressure.

Once you set your sex calendar, you have to set everything for that date. Light some scented candles to make the room smell fresh and more conducive for cuddling. Before going to bed, have a hot shower and use some pheromone perfume to get yourself in the mood, as well as your partner.

sex signals with partnerConsider Coming Up With Sex Signals With Your Partner. Many couples use this step. They create secret signals that mean they are in the mood for a hot scene in bed.

These signals are perfect tool for communication when you are both in a public place or having a party with some friends. Having your own secret sex signals brings excitement that will surely stimulate your desire for sex.

Know how far you are willing to go, and take your sex life to the next level. After doing the 11 eye-opening ways to wake up your sleepy sex life, you will find yourself feeling more confident and closer to your partner than ever. Your partner will never see another woman the same way they see you.


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