7 Slow Male Sex Drive Fixers That Work Fast

7 Slow Male Sex Drive Fixers That Work Fast

Everyone wants to have a rock star sex life; however, too often life gets in the way. Jobs, kids, and a serious lack of sleep – too many things can often get in the way of your sex life. Aging can also put a damper on your lovemaking, too.

Testosterone is one of the sex hormones that play a major role in your sex life. Ample testosterone levels help you feel frisky and ready for a romp around with your partner. Once you start aging, your levels of testosterone and other hormones decrease. In fact, this decrease can start as soon as you are as young as the age of 30.

Hormone replacement therapies seem so invasive and expensive. There are, however, other natural ways to boost your sex drive. In fact, here are seven natural ways to boost the male sex drive quickly and efficiently.

1. Opt for an Aphrodisiac

boost your sex driveOkay so the science behind this one is a little unproven, but what do you have to lose, right? Rumor has it that aphrodisiacs work to boost your sex drive immediately.

Aphrodisiacs are abundantly present in many foods. We have listed some of the most common foods known for their sexually tantalizing qualities.

First, there are hot chili peppers. These fiery peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin works to increase the circulation of your blood and stimulate the nerve endings better. Nerve stimulation helps you feel that tingly, turned on feeling.

Avocados and asparagus also have sexy ingredients. The vitamin E included in both of these foods works to promote the circulation of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. All three of these sex hormones work to increase sexual responses, such as self-lubrication.

Oysters also work to amp up your body’s production of the three sex hormones due to their immense amounts of zinc. As you are more than likely well aware, oysters are one of the most popular aphrodisiacs.

Bananas not only look phallic, but they can prove to help your penis, too. Bananas are rich in potassium, and potassium is essential for muscle strength. Why might you want muscle strength to increase your sex life? Orgasms. Need you hear more? Speaking of genital sensitivity, pomegranates include powerful antioxidants that also work to increase the sensitivity felt around your genitals.

Pomegranate acts as a catalyst and helps smooth penile muscles to relax. This allows the blood vessels to enlarge and upsurge blood flow to the chambers of your penis. This makes your penis stiff and you achieve an erection.No wonder, Pomegranate in now popular as the “Natural Viagra.”

Chocolate is an ages-old aphrodisiac. The phenylethylamine found in chocolate stimulates the overall feelings of well-being. While this might not sound quite sexy, these positive vibes make sex seem like a wonderful idea.

garlicGarlic is a commonly used spice in food. It is full of rich antioxidants that work as aphrodisiac and promote good overall and sexual health. Besides, garlichas allicin in it, which is considerably effective at improving blood circulation, which is necessary for men’s sexual performance.

Consuming honey with your meals and breakfast can increase the production of male sex hormone testosterone, which upsurges craving for lovemaking. It also encourages strength, energy and improves stamina to perform in bed.

Surely, you can incorporate some of these aphrodisiacs into your next meal with your lover. If that doesn’t work to boost your libido, there are still a few other options, though.

2. Have a Little Confidence

Low self-esteem and confidence greatly affect your libido. If you find that your sex drive is down in the dumps, then analyze your self-perception. Do you find yourself attractive? Do you think you are desirable to your lover? Do you think your lover enjoys having sex with you?

If you have a negative perception of yourself and your body, then you are going to find it difficult to intimately share it with anyone else.You can improve your own confidence through diet and exercise. Eating only aphrodisiacs isn’t going to cut it if you want to improve your self-perception.

Try a better, balanced diet. Include healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables as much as possible into your diet. Stay away from the fad diets, and certainly avoid fat-burning supplements or any other unhealthy alternatives. Stick to the old school method of blood, sweat and tears, just maybe without the blood. You are sure to feel confident about your body if you work hard to perfect it.

You can also improve your self-confidence by thinking positively. Certainly, it might sound easier said than done. However, do your best to think about your positive attributes rather than your negative ones. You might not have those hard, six-pack abs, but you may have nice eyes or a great smile. Or maybe you are not a fan of your physical features, but you are hilariously funny and smart. These are things you should consider. Your partner certainly does.

When all else fails, remember that your partner is with you for a reason. Try to remember all of the wonderful things about you that made them love you in the first place. Still not working? Okay, try this next libido-boosting trick.

3. Wine It Up

one glass of wineDrinking too much alcohol only prohibits your sex drive; however, one glass of wine is perfectly fine if you are trying to boost your sex drive.

According to experts, one glass of wine works to boost your sex drive. One glass of wine puts your tension and nerves at ease, and it increases your desire to be intimate. If you are not necessarily a wine guy, then you can substitute it for one light beer or a drink.

Beer, however, is not actually going to do the trick. The alcohol content is a little lower, and it will only weigh you down. However, the booze should stop there because anything beyond one glass causes you to lose sexual performance points, like, well, your ability to have a boner.

Oh, and you probably won’t climax, either, if you are drunk. No one wants that.

So you have tried some aphrodisiacs, you love yourself, and you had a glass of wine. Still not feeling sexy vibes? Maybe you need to relax a little more.

4. Stress Less for More Sex

This is not a question of how healthy or physically active you are. Rather, the more relaxed and stress-free you can be, the better the chances of your sex drive increasing. Stress and anxiety affect your libido incredibly.

In fact, experts claim that women in particular are susceptible to the effects of stress on their sex lives whereas, men typically use sex as a means to relax and relieve tension. However, this is not always the case. Men are often victims of stressful lives, and this in turn affects their sex lives; therefore, practicing various sports and activities aimed to promote relaxation can be nothing but beneficial.

Some of these relaxing activities include tai chi and yoga. Both tai chi and yoga center on the notion that you must relax and center your mind and body in order to achieve success. Adding some of these activities to your routine will help your sex drive increase in no time.

If meditation or these activities are not your thing, then all hope is not lost. You can still try sleeping more.

5. Catch Some ZzZzs to Feel Sexy

adequately sleepingSleep, or lack thereof, often gets in the way of your libido. Experts claim that many life stressors, such as jobs, parenting, or caring for a loved one or parent, lead to exhaustion which in turn causes a lowered libido.

You can boost your libido almost immediately by ensuring that, despite these life stressors, you are adequately sleeping each and every night. If the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep are simply not possible for your lifestyle, then perhaps you can nap every day.

A diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates will also help you feel well rested after a night’s sleep. Try a sleep mask or some black out curtains to help keep the light out of your room, and resort to other deep sleep tricks to ensure that you are receiving the amount of sleep that you need.

6. Evaluate Your Relationship

You cannot have a healthy sex drive, if you don’t love the one you are with. Arguments, relationship tension, and any other negative aspects of your relationship can certainly put a damper on your sex drive. Men and women alike are proven to value emotional closeness as a prelude for intimacy. If you and your partner are having difficulties, then naturally your sex life will suffer.

The best way to fix this issue in your love life is to ensure that you and your partner are communicating effectively. Have a discussion with your partner, and consult the help of a professional mediator if you feel it is necessary.

You will never be able to have a healthy sexual relationship if you and your partner are not respecting one another.

7. Enlist Some Help

It is also always possible that your low libido can be a symptom of a larger issue at hand. Sometimes a loss in sexual desire is indicative of a psychological condition, such as depression or anxiety.

Other times, your low libido can be a symptom of a serious health condition such as diabetes or a cardiovascular issue. When all else fails, bringing up your low libido to your doctor is a must. Your doctor can work with you to ensure that nothing serious is going on.

ProSolutionPillsOf course if your doctor is not of the opinion that something much more serious is going on, then they might prescribe medication for you to try. There are the stereotypical supplements, such as Viagra and Cialis for you to try, but there are more natural and effective products such as ProSolutionPills available, as well.

Prosolutionpills works to offer you natural products packed into a pill that will enhance your sexual performance and drive. Improve your psychological and physical sexual performance with a little help. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

No one should learn to live with their low libido. There are so many easy and effective options for you to use to enhance your sex drive. So, chow down on some oysters, kiss yourself in the mirror, and purchase some quality supplements to find yourself enjoying your time in the bedroom again. It’s all possible if you just put your mind to it and do your research.


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